About Us

The label is no stranger to the music business. With a unique sound & captivating presence in their artistry, the level of talent from this independent conglomerate cannot be challenged, undermined or denied.

BluZone Entertainment is a multi-faced record label founded in 2017. It’s home to one of the best writing teams under the production camp, “Room 808”. Not only is the focus on the music, but BluZone plans to get their feet planted in the world of fashion as well as other arenas in the entertainment industry such as book and film production. Current acts on the label include, Young W1on, who is the labels youngest act and 1st up to set the tone for the brand. Hersh Dai’Verse, Lil 3ando, Quezo 500, Lil 4oe and others.

All of BluZone artists are set to be releasing projects soon, as well as the LP compilation album in Summer of 22’.